Portrait Session FAQ’s

Can I get a disc of all the digital files from my session?
I strongly believe that photographs are meant to be enjoyed as art on the walls of every family’s home. Digital files are available for purchase individually, but for most families, it is more cost effective (and better in so many other ways as well) to purchase prints rather than digital files, unless they need to create large quantities of the same print. I have had clients come to me wanting to make their own prints but once they see the products I create for them and how easy the whole experience is, they prefer to get the prints. Plus, it’s about preserving your family legacy. With technology constantly changing, a tangible print is the most secure way to pass down your memories through generations. Most people that get digital files, never get around to printing, order low quality prints from a printer that doesn’t use archival paper/ink and doesn’t calibrate their printers to match my monitor, crop it the wrong way, or lose their digital files when their hard drive crashes. I archive every print you purchase and you will be able to see how everything will look before you order it. It is, hands down, the best experience around, and guarantees the preservation of your photographs in a tangible and timeless way that your family will enjoy throughout many years.

What is a pre-portrait consultation?
Before your session, we’ll meet for about 30 minutes to discuss location, props, outfits, themes, styles and other creative ideas. We love to hear any specifics you desire and how we can make your creative ideas a reality. We’ll also discuss any purchases you are interested in for wall displays and gifts and any payments toward those can be made in advance at this time.

What is an ordering session?
Sit down, relax and I’ll display your images in an elegant slideshow followed by a guided, hands-on experience through the ordering process. I’ll show you samples and help you choose which prints to order, what sizes will display best in your home and help you stay within your budget to get the most out of your investment. Please bring the principal purchaser who will be making the final financial decisions and if you can, leave the kids with a family member or babysitter.

Do we have to order at the time of our ordering session?
Yes, all orders must be placed at the time of your ordering session. However, if you do not place your order at that time and wish to set up an additional ordering session, you may do so for an ordering session fee of $125. Remote ordering sessions are available online for out of town clients at no extra charge.

When do I pay my session fee?
The session fee is due in full at the time of booking and this payment will hold your session time and date. This fee is non-refundable.

What does my session fee cover?
The session fee pays for the reservation of your session time and date, the session time, and the photographer’s creative fees and artistic talent.

Where will we meet?
There are endless beautiful places in Durango and the surrounding areas. When we meet for our pre-portrait consultation, we’ll discuss the various scenery available to us a choose a location that best suits your style. Travel fees may apply.

What should we wear?
It’s important to learn how to dress for your body type and remember that everyone’s outfits do not need to be the same color. In fact, it is preferable that you choose a color family and dress everyone in tones within that family. For fall you could choose browns and oranges and for winter you could choose navy blue and red. Accessories are what truly make the outfits so get creative with scarves, boots, hats and jewelry. I have several tips and Pinterest boards to help you choose outfits for every season. Read more winter outfits here. Read more about fall outfits here. See our other Pinterest Boards for summer and spring at these links.

What if the weather is bad?
I’ll reschedule your session as soon as we can at no extra cost to you.

What if one of us gets sick or we have to reschedule for some reason?
Life happens and I get that. I am happy to reschedule your session one time as long as I receive a 24 hour notice. If a second reschedule is required, you will forfeit your original session fee and a new session fee will be paid for the new session date. *Inquire for details.


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