Damian’s First Birthday Portraits

Damian turned one year old and his family celebrated with a smash cake portrait session in the park. He loved his cake and really dug into once he figured out how good it was. I really love photographing first birthday because it is such a fun age for portraits. Babies have started to develop their personalities at this age and are usually pretty easy to get a smile or two out of which is always genuine! Plus, it’s such a special time and I love to help parents celebrate and remember this fun time in their family’s life.

If you are looking to capture your child’s first year in portraits through beautifully printed wall art, custom announcements, and prints that will last for generations, check out the Sweet Peas first year portrait plan that I offer. It’s hands down the best way to make sure no moment in your baby’s first year is missed and that your most precious memories are preserved in the most creative way. Contact me here or call (970) 946-7279 to set up your session today!

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