Sylas’ Fresh 48 Session at Mercy Hospital, Durango, COby Durango birth photographers

Congratultaions to Kara, Kurtis, and big sister Keara on welcoming little Sylas into their family. I had the pleasure of capturing Sylas in the hospital when he was just hours hold, for his Fresh 48 session. I have recently started offering Fresh 48 sessions and have really fallen in love with them. It’s such a special time and so fleeting, and this type of session is so different from a newborn session in my studio. The Fresh 48 session is more documentary and candid, and it’s all about those little details and first meetings with siblings and grandparents, and the whole fresh feel of just coming into the world. It’s about your family’s birth experience but unlike full birth photography, skips straight to the end, when you are holding your sweet babe in your arms and checking out all of his features, seeing who he looks like, and just trying to figure him out. I love all the different sessions that I offer for so many reasons and each type is unique which allows my clients to find a type of session that they really want captured. Many parents like to have all the sessions captured which is why I have several package options to choose from that include multiple sessions to capture all of your baby’s milestones over the first year. If you are interested in finding out more about capturing your baby’s first moments, contact me here or call me at (970) 946-7279.

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