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          My name is Kelly Miranda MacNiven and I am a family, children, baby and wedding photographer in Durango, Colorado. I grew up in the cold, peaceful mountains of Durango where I acquired an appreciation for art and all the livings things roaming. In my childhood, I developed my love for theatre, music and photography. I love this city and all its beautiful people and there are endless things to do here. I am passionate about photography and family so it makes sense that those two things would combine to allow me to follow my career path. Since becoming a mother, I've gained a whole new understanding of what family means, how to capture the most special moments between parents and their children and how to work with little ones in a way that makes them shine in front of the camera.

          My husband and I recently welcomed our first child, Carter Thomas MacNiven, into the world December 2nd, 2012. We are having a blast being new parents and enjoying watching him grow. I have rediscovered my love for child portraiture and am finding new creativity through photographing my son. We have also recently moved back home to Durango after living in Austin, Texas for the last five years. Being close to our family has been such a joy and having the support is priceless. We are so happy to be back where we belong and for me to be doing what I love most, where I love most: photography in Durango!

Durango Baby Photographers | Maria at 9 months old

Baby Maria came into Kelly Miranda Photography’s studio for a session with our adorable barn wood and apples set. She had so much fun playing with the apples, crawling around the studio and pulling up to our birch log as we snapped away and captured all of her many expressions. She’s just so cute! Those big eyes, lovely lashes, sweet little toes and funny faces had me melting!
I’m so excited to be able to offer studio sessions in Durango this fall and winter. As it gets colder outside, we have several backdrops and props to create gorgeous scenery in the comfort and warmth of our downtown photography studio. Durango, CO is a beautiful place for photographs at any time of year but as the weather gets chilly and the trees become bare (especially if we get no snow), the ease of photographing in our studio is very appealing to our families with little ones. If you are interested in reserving your studio session please give us a call or email to set up your consultation. We pride ourselves on being Durango’s premier family portrait studio and most loved baby photographer in the Southwest region!


cute baby clapping backdrop apples and barnwood
cute baby with apples and barnwood
black and white photo baby toes feet and hands
black and white baby looking up
black and white baby looking down eyelashes
baby crawling with barn wood and apples in background
durango studio photography
cute baby standing by birch log stump with apples and barnwood
cute baby with apples and barnwood
cute baby with apples and barnwood

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